Cloud Storage

Powerful cloud solution for individuals and enterprises, starting at Free 250MB

  • Free Plan
  • 250 MB Capacity
  • $0 Monthly
  • Economy Plan
  • 5 GB Capacity
  • $2 Monthly
  • Deluxe Plan
  • 50 GB Capacity
  • $6 Monthly
  • Ultimate Plan
  • 250 GB Capacity
  • $12 Monthly
  • Maximum Plan
  • 500 GB Capacity
  • $17 Monthly

Cloud Platform

Upload and add your data on our fully redundant, high performance web app from its high reliability.

Upload Files

Our web app allows you to upload files from your local storage, or you can upload files from online providers to store it in your cloud storage.


If you are considering adding data from an online source like Youtube, you can simply add the URL of a video from a website to the web app.

Create Folder

Creating folders and sub-folders allows to easily manage and organize their data in an very effective manner.

Edit and Delete

The edit feature allows you to edit the name and tags of the uploaded files or added links you can also delete the files from the cloud storage.


Our users can download their uploaded files. They are simply required to have a stable internet connection and desktop computer.

Automatically Generating

Auto generating websites, videos and photos thumbnails. it's also converts some videos and documents files to view and play online.

Cloud OS

The introduction of the cloud storage has allowed the internet and technological device users to storage their data remotely. Our web app is exclusive to the maintenance, management, and back up of the data. The service allows the users to secure their important and confidential data online, which could be accessible by them at any location using an internet connection.

Our web app is accessible to individuals and businesses, and it helps the users to overcome a disaster recover. Any type of data could become susceptible to an unexpected error or format, which could be damaging to a business in a long run. It requires them to prepare an emergency backup plan to make sure that the integrity of their business’s data is not compromised with. Cloud OS is introduced as a backup plan, which allows the users to save their important files and data on a cloud, which they can access from anywhere.

All Your Data in One Place

Cloud OS has introduced an optimal solution for organizing and managing your data in one place. It allows the users to upload their data via the Cloud OS web app, and it could be accessible to its users via a stable internet connection. The high responsive rate of the cloud storage allows the users to access their data from a number of sources like mobile, desktop, or a tablet.